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Hair… Up here not down there, poll

Okay I’ve been getting a lot of requests by my girlfriends,  and even Patrick to cut my hair very very short… personally, its not something I would consider on my own, I have had it short before (I felt like a boy +also because I don’t have big boobs it even more so makes me feel like a boy).

However, I got a lot of compliments on it,  so I assume that it looked good. My question is not the way it might look but how do you guys feel about short hair? I know most men like long and are pretty insistent upon it. Unless you’re an alt chick (which I am clearly not) short hair is stigmatized with the ties of  lesbians….. well I have nothing against lesbians…. But it still stands.

Some guys do like the short hair though. Pam Anderson and Jennifer Lawrence recently went boyshort, but of course they’re ultra fem whereas I am not.

I’d like your guys’ opinion if possible. Here’s a poll post.. yes you just leave a comment. Thanks!

This is the style I’m considering.


Ash Hollywood in this pic