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Hair… Up here not down there, poll

Okay I’ve been getting a lot of requests by my girlfriends,  and even Patrick to cut my hair very very short… personally, its not something I would consider on my own, I have had it short before (I felt like a boy +also because I don’t have big boobs it even more so makes me feel like a boy).

However, I got a lot of compliments on it,  so I assume that it looked good. My question is not the way it might look but how do you guys feel about short hair? I know most men like long and are pretty insistent upon it. Unless you’re an alt chick (which I am clearly not) short hair is stigmatized with the ties of  lesbians….. well I have nothing against lesbians…. But it still stands.

Some guys do like the short hair though. Pam Anderson and Jennifer Lawrence recently went boyshort, but of course they’re ultra fem whereas I am not.

I’d like your guys’ opinion if possible. Here’s a poll post.. yes you just leave a comment. Thanks!

This is the style I’m considering.


Ash Hollywood in this pic


POLL = which live xxx cam site do you guys prefer?

So, everything changes… and usually RIGHT when I have fully committed to something/somewhere/somehow.. Yep.. CamSite.

As you guys know I have been loyal to Streamate/Cammodels (same thing) for over 2 years now. Cool beans. Sort of.

It doesn’t pay to be loyal though. Because you do not get any special treatment, or any specific benefit for doing so.. The only thing being loyal is good for, is my camguys. You know, you guys that come see me there. I thank YOU for the same loyalty..

This last week and a half, Streamate has been changing the site over increasing our internet and computer requirements to stream higher quality and in HD, or you literally get shoved to the back pages where nobody sees the light of day. I do think keeping an updated computer is generally ok, and internet, well that one is touchy. Here’s why:

– if you do not have the same net speed as I do, you won’t see me and/or you will have cam problems

– if your internet is faster, you will find me further back in the pages.. Slower, you won’t be allowed to view my page at all.

The site literally suggests everyone just runs right out and “get faster internet”. Sure. Snap. What if you have the fastest speed available already? Its not like you can make the available internet co increase their offerings just for you, LOL.. Then in that case you and I would be S. O L. (shit out of luck).

I am getting a bit nervous. My speed is decent/fast, and works.. for now. The future, is uncertain. I have also decided in my entire site design to go with Streamate as my webcam portal for site members.. in otherwords, the thousands spent on site design will be useless if I can’t use that site anymore.

Well it is what it is. What I think I should do (and this is very very very hard for me as I have such little time to mess around webcamming) is probably find a backup site. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate to even think of it. .. but..

What I want to know from you guys, is where you do most of your webcam sessions. Below are a list of sites I have registered for, but don’t webcam on (yet).. Majority rules, and the highest cam site vote, I will have to start spending a bit of time on “just in case”.

Thanks for helping me out. Be HONEST please, don’t just click one you MIGHT go on, what do you REALLY go on.. no wrong answers ;o) and TOTALLY ANONYMOUS!!

xoxo HH


PS– IF YOU CLICK “other” Please Please make sure to comment or tweet me on what site? xoxoxoxo


Well it’s been a while..yea yea I know. Honestly I haven’t been inspired to write anything, really. Well, not with being so busy..all I wanna do half the time is crash out!
Anyway, site is coming along.. just have to put some stuff on it hahah.. I honestly wasn’t going to do a site with photo/video content per se, I really just wanted to do webcam. BUT other people (as usual) talked me into it, so guess what? now I gotta do more stuff, to put on it. Heheh.. well my thing with that, is honestly I wanted it to be a really casual personal site. NOT one of those “look at me, I am so fucking hot” sites like the 100 other pornstars do.. that to me is just so vain I can’t stand it (I am not vain) .. so what I am going to do is a few xxx sets/vids, and a lot of casual, “real me hanging out being the goof I am stuff”. Ok?
Anyway, I should have that radio show interview out soon, and Revenge of the Petites should be out in about 6 weeks from now or so.. Here is the link to that if you’re curious http://petitesmovie.com/home.php.
Love u guys and thanks for the support!!
xoxoxo Heidi

2011 Recap and Reflection

Well the end of the year is upon us. Wow, it has gone really, really fast. I can’t say I mind though…

Still having my website worked on. I am not sure what opinion I have on that yet. I can tell you this, though, anyone who gets one made without having to be involved? Lucky. LOL. On one hand I am learning a lot about the semantics involved in running a website, on the other hand, I have had no intention of being a webmaster. What’s a girl to do? I dunno. Hopefully all Y’all will want to see enough of my pussy that I can hire someone to run it before too long ;o) I was naive in thinking all I had to do was pay a designer, give some content, and voila, a website. Nope. Insert programmers, billing, content management, webcam solutions, affiliates, marketing, content theft watchers…bla bla bla.. and each one thinks you know how it all works HA! Not even close, my friend, not even close. Anyway, that’s what is taking me so long!

Its kinda like sink or swim. Well, for now I am treading water. Time will tell whether I win the English Chanel in a mad race of elation, or plummet slowly into an icy depth like the Titanic hahahah!

The year has (and it seems for everyone) been filled with endless dramas… friend dramas.. porn dramas…family dramas…work dramas… and all I wanna do is have sex, eat, and be merry. I would love it if my life really were as those perceive it to be.. nothing but sex and joking around, but alas, that is far from reality most days.For drama.. ugh. I hate drama. And what I hate even more, is having it thrown at me and turned around on me where it looks like it’s MY drama!! OMFG that makes me irate. But, par for the course, it’s been that way…all year! Sometimes I wonder if its the dues I am paying for a great 2012.. but then also I wonder if that’s just the way it is now that the economy is bad/not recovering and everyone is on constant edge .. again time will tell on that one, as well.

Some of you are asking what projects I have up and coming. I will say, who knows. I have a lot of offers all the time, but to be honest, this business really makes me nervous anymore, especially where working with other talent is concerned. This year I got a call a week after shooting a scene with someone and was told that person was out and about doing undesirable sexual things, a drama and health risk I TRULY did not want to hear. Turns out it was all ok but that week until I found out it was ok? Really turned me off to shooting in a weird way. Again, if I can’t pick the talent, and know what they are up to, I am not into it anymore. Refer back to closet freaks post ;o) and another reason why I love webcam so much (aside from one on one interaction with you guys, which is #1)

I started as a solo model and for all intents and purposes I am back to solo for the time being. Of course if a big production comes up, I have a bit more control over that. But little stuff for midrange companies? No, thank you. 

So on reflections, what I have learned this year? Well, that me, myself, and I are truly all I can rely on,  all that I care to have involved, and all that I can truly trust. Maybe it has always been this way, maybe it is that way for everyone, but as egregrous humans, we deny it so we don’t feel so alone. Personally, I am coming to grips with that fact and I am making peace with it. Now this isn’t to say I don’t have and enjoy close friends, people who care, people who help me out, and people whom I share stuff with.. What it does mean, is that I am fully aware on every email, conversation, text, and interaction where I truly stand, and that’s ok by me. I think at some point, the chick has to leave the philisophical nest. Maybe it took me till 41 to figure it out, but at least I did.

What does next year hold? I dunno. I feel like a big ball of dough that rose up nicely, then was punched down into a flat mess, and now I am waiting for some external warmth to allow me to rise again. But, as a type A personality, I doubt I will allow an outside influence to build me up again. This is where self sufficient internal work and internal warmth has to be born, used, and maintained.. that is my goal for 2012 ;o)

And a special thanks to those who give me daily multifaceted support, for that I am truly grateful. You know who you are ;-D

So… all that being said…I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year!




On fame, and how it really doesn’t mean..a thing.

I was watching the Graham Norton show tonight… and Robin Williams, Elijah Wood, and Jennifer Saunders were on. I love Graham. He’s awesome. Anyway, there was a segment where Elijah and Robin were chatting about being at awards ceremonies, and meeting other “stars”.. and how they felt still, besides their own notoriety and fame, inferior to those they looked up to.

How could that be? Don’t you reach a point, where you feel equal with the other stars, and become the famous persona everyone in the civilian world sees you to be?

I don’t think so. I truly think that fame and notoriety are a third person cause and effect. Maybe you have money, fans, a big house, everything material you could need or want. Maybe you showed you high school ex boyfriend he should have never broke up with you. Maybe you proved to the world you are worth something after all.. but do YOU honestly feel that way? Standing naked in the shower, grocery shopping, picking up dog poop LOL.. we all feel the same.

I know for all it’s worth, and I am not saying that I am famous on those levels AT ALL (so hold your tongue geesh).. but I have had many people recognize me, I have had some say “ohh I know you, you’re famous..from that xxx movie. ____”.. that kind of thing. A mere glimpse into what it would be like to be perhaps, Sharon Stone or whomever. Yet I don’t feel any different. I still feel the same as I did when I was 10, 15, 25.. now.. a nerd. A total goofball. Not what others perceive me to “be”. Still down to earth, nothing more notable than anyone else who strives for something unique in this world, would feel.. just plain ole me.

“Fame”, the aspiration or attainment, would mean, and even now means, nothing to me in that sense. I haven’t changed my personality from before I was on screen to after. Honestly, its just another facet of the many things I have done in this life, and it will be a passing subject of interest on the porch with lemonade in the future. So to those who seek it, crave it, would do anything for it.. is sad. It’s a delusion of an accomplishment that is only to be felt by others.. you’ll never feel it..not like you think..

So for that, I’m glad I know …Fame.. it doesn’t really mean.. a thing.

xoxo HH


Its time for a new sex toy giveaway contest.  This time, the contest is definitely geared towards the ladies.  We are giving away 3 Real Skin All-American Whoppers.   This dildo looks and feels like the real thing – measuring out to 6 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches.  The Whopper is super-flexible, comes with a suction-cup base for hands-free fun, and even comes with realistic balls.  

This contest has a twist to it.  For a chance to win one of the Real-Skin All-American Whoppers, you must purchase at least $10 worth of merchandise from SwingtasticToys.com  (shipping not included).

Here are the rules:

1. Contest runs from Monday July 18, 2011 to Sunday, July 24 9PM Eastern.   
2. To enter, email your Invoice Number and Zip Code to swingtweets@gmail.com OR you can DM your information via Twitter to @Swingtastic and @xxxHeidiHanson
3. Each entry must include a purchase of at least $10.00.  Shipping cost does not count towards the total.
4. You can enter as many times as you would like, each with a different Invoice Number.  
5. Three (3) lucky winners will be randomly selected based on all total entries. 


xoxo Heidi

Nookie Links CAMSITE!

I am so excited that NOOKIELINKS.COM is done!

This site features thousands of models. From amateurs to us pornstars, we’re there!

Sign up to chat with the girls is FREE. Credit card is required to prove age verification, you only are ever charged if you take a girl into private chat.

As one of Nookie Link’s top web cam gals, I would love for you to sign up and come chat with me, or any of my gals on the site!


xoxoxo See you there!