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Please please please use my links below. I do not get kickbacks from being online free, we get paid commission ONLY. The best percentages we get are when you use our links, and that is up to 50% only so please please use the links below!


MAIN CAM SITE – Privates and tip shows. MAKE SURE TO USE THIS LINK as I get the best percentage anywhere online here. I am online usually daily evenings. Not many weekends. If so though, Sunday afternoon. You can sign up for SMS notifications of when I am online.

ALTERNATE SITE – – some privates mostly tip shows with the Lovense Nora interactive vibe. You tip to make the vibe go on. Same schedule I usually will be on only a few hours per daily shift though. LOTS of freeloaders here so be nice ;o)

ALTERNATE SITE – – group tip shows and privates. This one is still 1 for 1 dollars so easy to use.

PHONE PHONE PHONE – sometimes you don’t want to watch a webcam or maybe you just like the oral sex heheh NITELFLIRT!!


RULES OF CAM – NO NUDITY even topless in free chat unless you have tipped then topless ok for only up to 30 seconds. Tip shows are CHEAP and I mean CHEAP like 2.00 to 4.00 flat entry fee for over 15 minutes of solid action so don’t be a freeloader, just tip into a show for corn’s sake ;o)

DO NOT Ask me to do anything illegal or immoral. Not judging you, these are MY standards : I am NOT your mommy, sister, or daughter. I don’t do animals, underage, incest any of that nonsense. Don’t ask or permanent ban.

I don’t do public shows, I don’t do girl/girl or boy/girl on cam and am not looking for anyone to do that with, either.

I DO – domination and all fetishes (again if legal/moral) such as SPH, CEI, JOI, Feet, Anal, DP, StrapOn, Sissification, Cuckold, IR, FinDom, more. Again, ask if unsure.

I AM super fun/funny, friendly and talkative. I am very energetic and you will get full action the entire time, so NO WASTED TIME OR MONEY here!

See you soon!

Other Links:


Hey all. Ok so here is info that you might/might not need! LOL

108 lbs


33b 24 34

Am I forgetting anything? I dunno!




7 thoughts on “CHAT with Heidi Hanson

  1. My compliments: I really liked the piece about the trip to the lake in Oregon that you posted last July. You obviously have writing ability and some working grey matter. Also, I saw a clip where Sativa interviews you, and you also have a really appealing persona. So here’s my question: on one blog you identify yourself as a “braniac nerd”, and on another you list your “weirdest talent” as
    being “academia”. These are witty responses and they make for good PR, but I’m intrigued and wondering if they’re really true. Would you care to reveal what you studied? [You can reply to my private email if you don’t want to post a response — who knows, you might have a tenured position at UCLA, and I wouldn’t want you to lose it because of your porno activity, ha ha] Thanks and all the best to you!! x o

    • well, it was Big Bear, CA not Oregon (dunno why you’d think that ;o). I do have a lot of academia in my past, but because people are notoriously too nosy, and become stalkers at the drop of a hat, I don’t give out more than – biology/naturopathic medicine, and also journalism ;o) – i quit college though due to being lied to about the end cost, and figured I am making so much more doing what I already am than to spend 150k to make 40k MAYBE per year LOL.. college, is for those who don’t know what else to do, but really, trade schools are the future’s best bet ;o)
      As far as brainiac, yes, I got 4.67 gpa in school (extra credits always) and 4.0 in college. I like microbiology, and quantum physics..but i also think farts are hilarious ;o)
      xo Heidi

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