Kevin Sorbo is the MAN

Patrick came across another article that I will post when he finds it, but this is the kind of mass movement we need as a country to start infecting all of the classes below that bastard 1%.

GO SORBO GO!! I am def a new fan of yours!

  • OMG! Matt should just pay more taxes then. He talks here and says nothing. Amazing the hypocrisy in Hollywood. Comparing people who pay the vast majority of the taxes in America, and to complain about paying more taxes, to living in the Congo? Haiti?? Is he nuts??!!! Such a ridiculous interview. By the way, do you think Matt Damon flies coach? I have to fly coach most of the time. Wish I could fly private like he does, but I can’t afford it. Do you think he drives a beat up car? Live in a run down apartment? I don’t begrudge him his success. He is a great actor and I go to his movies. He has earned his success, but he needs to stop feeling guilty about his success. America is still the greatest country on this planet. But, we are putting an end to that quickly. We all want good roads. Running water. Police. Firemen. Great education, etc. People don’t complain about their tax dollars going for those things that are necessary. What people complain about is the waste, excessive waste, of their tax dollars in a government that excels at waste. From the post office, public education, welfare, etc. When the government runs anything it rarely works or maybe it works that way because that’s the way they want it to work…broken. It keeps them in control of your lives. Before those of you jump down my throat, I pay my taxes. I work hard to keep on working hard. I have my own foundation working with 12,000 kids every year for the last 16 years. Kids in some of the worst schools in America because I want to make their lives better, so don’t jump down my throat and say I don’t care about people! What are you doing to make someone’s life better other than complain that those who “have” don’t do enough. The most philanthropic people I know are successful people who worked their tails off to get to where they are and they ALL give back! What do you do in between those times you have your hand out? I want to help those who truly need help. You all know who you are that take advantage of the system because you are too lazy and/or have just given up on your dream. Not my fault.

    Matt Damon I Need To Pay More Taxes

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