High on your own Supply? Give 420 a short break y’all!

SOOOO what the holy hell and tarnation is with flakey lazy 420 people? I think to be honest, it’s the whole weed world. Yep. I said it. 

Now comes the backlash of all the weeders gonna blast me about how great it is and all that jazz. I agree, it’s useful as medicine, when used properly. However, that is the key word; properly. So far I have only met a few of those users. Everyone else thinks it keeps the oxygen flowing in their lungs. Hehehe.

I have seen an upsurge in smokers and a downsurge in overall positive personality traits: follow through, ambition, reliability, and most other qualities that make a great workforce, and reliable person.

It’s getting rediculous.  Saturated in it: teenagers, adults who should be kickin ass, elderly, whatever… Mostly teenagers and young adults though. For some reason, they think it’s cool to be stewed, whenever possible, and as heavily as possible… It’s.. not. Just try to get something done with that demographic. Might as well call it off before it even begins. Personal experiences speaking here (toooo feckin many imho.)

It seems to me whenever something like this happens (the legalization of a substance) everyone goes off the deep end with it until they figure out they need to moderate. Oh well. Until then, we are apt to see this kind of thing for a few years. Could be worse.. remember the cocaine years? LOL


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