So it’s been a while. Ya. I know. Between trying to make money, and trying to keep the ways to make money, life, home, and other people’s overall neediness, I have little time to do much than veg out when I have a chance.

I dunno why but this year has been a weird one. On one hand, new and exciting things made it cool, but the ever present Murphy’s Law kinda takes the cool down to average a lot of the time. Oh well. I am not really looking forward to the holidays, that much I can tell you!

It’s not a bah humbug, it’s just anti-climactic. I almost wish I could claim some sort of religious reason to avoid it LOL. Seems a lot of hullabaloo for not a lot of wow factor, ya know?

Anyway I am tirelessly working on trying to see who invented the wheel. I get frustrated a lot, because I just can’t get anywhere on some of the stuff I am working on. It’s not in my nature to give up, but my whole existence wishes I would sometimes. Life goes on, bills won’t go away, and oh, when your stomach growls you gotta feed it. TAHITI!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!

I dream of Tahiti, but really don’t wanna go there. Dumb, ya I know. Its like certain sexual fantasies..some are best left fantasies. I think it would be boring once you were there for a day.. Swim, eat, dodge sharks, then what? So the dream remains. It keeps me sane (or whatever it is that makes me not go postal haha).

Oh my gosh, you know what? Me either. Hahahah ….HAHAH!

xo HH

ps..the dumbest quote ever “Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.SHOLEM ASCH”

No shit.

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