Prepare on a Budget – Disaster Prep for Everyone

So… many of you scoffed at me and called me a “prepper” last fall. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so! Hahahah!

With global warming, climate changes are the first of many mild to moderate disasters I am sure we will be seeing more and more often. From power outages for days, to downed cable and gas lines, even water.. are YOU prepared?

I am going to give you an easy way to prep for a short term disaster. Perhaps 24-72 hours maybe more if you stock up on more you surely can go exponentially longer.

This list is EASY and not expensive. I will list practical things you can do on a very small budget. I suggest picking up a few items a week (which is what I did) and more as you can afford to. Skip the latte and buy a bottle of propane! You can do it!


For the most part, disaster food is readily available, but at a premium. Walmart and Costco stock those cans of meals and meats etcetera, dehydrated and ready to go. Some of that is a great idea, but for the most part, do you really need dried fruit in a disaster? no.. and you will be paying for it. I suggest getting parts of those kits, and foregoing others. Make sure you buy what you will ACTUALLY EAT otherwise it’s money out the door.  Rotate your stock throughout the year. If you check your dates on the items, and actually buy what you can eat, then  it will get used and replaced as part of your regular grocery shop. Most items can be safely used past their dates, especially in the case of dried foods such as rice/beans/pasta/soups etcetera.

My personal inventory :

Dry Food — Only needs  water and can get at walmart or discount marts very inexpensively:

TopRamen – get as many as you can afford. I get them by the 12+pack on sale. They last forever, take virtually no prep and can be eaten dry (yuck but they can). I will use with pasta sauce, cheese sauce, etcetera because the noodles will cook quickly without using tons of your heat/cooking resources.

Mac & Cheese – cheap and lasts forever, and also the cheese and noodles can be used seperately if needed.

Rice – I have a 20 lb bag of cookable rice, and a few boxes of instant rice.

Beans – Pinto and Red beans can be used with the rice creatively.

Cans of Dried Food  – Vegetarian “meats” chicken and beef, large cans you can get  cheap, smaller cans of dried eggs and potatoes, easily hydrated with hot or cold water. Can be added to other things to get your protein.

Pancake mix, instant oatmeal, buscuit gravy mix, cheese powder, muffin mix, noodles, powdered drink mixes (gatorade huge can, tang, kool aid etc for the kiddos – keep em happy believe me ;o)

* MRE’s – These are military “Meals Ready to Eat”. They work, but are VERY expensive for what you get. Likewise with the camping meals, and power bars. A few here and there are great, but to do your entire survival out of these would bankrupt you fast.

Canned and Pre Packaged Foods:

Peanut butter, sugar, spaghetti sauce, tuna, soup, fruit cocktail, refried beans, soup mixes, vegetables, etcetera.

The only thing I do not like about canned, is that you do have to be on top of the dates, and also they are heavy and your shelves will feel it. Also if you have to leave your house and take with, they are bulky and heavy. But, they do add variety and spice to an otherwise bland survival meal.


Bottles!!! lots of them. I use single small bottles and the big gallons. You definitely should invest in a purification system ( a water pitcher, or camping filter – look on Amazon) if you do not have a ready supply nearby. I live near tons of rivers, so getting water would be a hassle but not impossible. If you do NOT live near running water, stock as much bottled as you can afford. Buy two gallons a week for your stock ;)

Heat and Cooking: 

Often overlooked, and I even had to rethink and redo this myself. I can keep warm with layers but what about your pets? Kids? Can they be bundled all the time? SO.. I bought a Mr.Buddy Heater. It is 100% efficiency propane, meaning no co-2 or monoxide so it is safe to use indoor. It has a run time of 6 hours on one of those small camp propane 1lb containers and 3 hours at high speed. Can take the larger bbq canisters with an optional hose. It was 100.00 but HEAT IS NECESSARY!!! And, even if you don’t live in a “cold” climate.. Look at what happened in Georgia! Get a 12pk of 1lb propane cans at any store for roughly 20.00 or less.

I also have tons of firewood (outdoor only as my home has no fireplace and no wood stove) to cook with on a bbq that was super cheap (charcoal kind). I also bought a cheap “fire pit” and metal screen, if needed. Charcoal is not cost effective but if you have the space, go for it.

Propane!!! Get two of the big exchange type bottles. You can get a propane bbq and cook on it, bake in it even. Also backup for the Mr Buddy heater in case you don’t stock enough 1lb propane cans.


I bought a huge kit on Amazon for 40.00 including sutures, iodine, etcetera. You probably have amassed enough basics in your cabinet for emergencies, but don’t forget the kids! They can’t do aspirin, so stock up on tylenol and motrin! Also a bad cold will REALLY put a damper on trying to survive so get some cold meds for everyone.

Power and Lighting:

I bought a 4000 watt generator from HarborFreight Tools for only 289.00 .. it’s a luxury and I won’t use unless I absolutely have to. I run only a small space heater with it, or lights, power my cell phone, and maybe minor things. I do not use it to pretend the lights aren’t out lol. GET LED lighting! You can use the LED lanterns and they will last a week on one set of batteries. Don’t use candles. That’s dumb. It isn’t safe, and you could burn your house down.  Get a gas can of gas, and of course if you don’t use it in a few months, fill the lawn mower with it and get new.

So, here you have a basic way to stay safe and warm, and power out the no power. I did all this for well under 500.00 generator included…under 750.00. Of course, I have been working on it for a year or so.. but I am happy I did. I was without power for over 12 hours and hardly noticed. Please do yourself a favor, and reconsider “doomsday preppers” into “ice storm preppers” lol or similar. It doesn’t have to be the end of the world, to really mess up your day. :o)

Take care,

@heyHeidiHanson twitter

Kevin Sorbo is the MAN

Patrick came across another article that I will post when he finds it, but this is the kind of mass movement we need as a country to start infecting all of the classes below that bastard 1%.

GO SORBO GO!! I am def a new fan of yours!

  • OMG! Matt should just pay more taxes then. He talks here and says nothing. Amazing the hypocrisy in Hollywood. Comparing people who pay the vast majority of the taxes in America, and to complain about paying more taxes, to living in the Congo? Haiti?? Is he nuts??!!! Such a ridiculous interview. By the way, do you think Matt Damon flies coach? I have to fly coach most of the time. Wish I could fly private like he does, but I can’t afford it. Do you think he drives a beat up car? Live in a run down apartment? I don’t begrudge him his success. He is a great actor and I go to his movies. He has earned his success, but he needs to stop feeling guilty about his success. America is still the greatest country on this planet. But, we are putting an end to that quickly. We all want good roads. Running water. Police. Firemen. Great education, etc. People don’t complain about their tax dollars going for those things that are necessary. What people complain about is the waste, excessive waste, of their tax dollars in a government that excels at waste. From the post office, public education, welfare, etc. When the government runs anything it rarely works or maybe it works that way because that’s the way they want it to work…broken. It keeps them in control of your lives. Before those of you jump down my throat, I pay my taxes. I work hard to keep on working hard. I have my own foundation working with 12,000 kids every year for the last 16 years. Kids in some of the worst schools in America because I want to make their lives better, so don’t jump down my throat and say I don’t care about people! What are you doing to make someone’s life better other than complain that those who “have” don’t do enough. The most philanthropic people I know are successful people who worked their tails off to get to where they are and they ALL give back! What do you do in between those times you have your hand out? I want to help those who truly need help. You all know who you are that take advantage of the system because you are too lazy and/or have just given up on your dream. Not my fault.

    Matt Damon I Need To Pay More Taxes

    MRC TV is an online platform for people to share and view videos, articles and opinions on topics that are important to them — from news to political issues and rip-roaring humor.

Hair… Up here not down there, poll

Okay I’ve been getting a lot of requests by my girlfriends,  and even Patrick to cut my hair very very short… personally, its not something I would consider on my own, I have had it short before (I felt like a boy +also because I don’t have big boobs it even more so makes me feel like a boy).

However, I got a lot of compliments on it,  so I assume that it looked good. My question is not the way it might look but how do you guys feel about short hair? I know most men like long and are pretty insistent upon it. Unless you’re an alt chick (which I am clearly not) short hair is stigmatized with the ties of  lesbians….. well I have nothing against lesbians…. But it still stands.

Some guys do like the short hair though. Pam Anderson and Jennifer Lawrence recently went boyshort, but of course they’re ultra fem whereas I am not.

I’d like your guys’ opinion if possible. Here’s a poll post.. yes you just leave a comment. Thanks!

This is the style I’m considering.


Ash Hollywood in this pic


Boob Job possibility… if I do them



Jobs. Yea, I have had A LOT.

Everyone asks me why I know so much about..well, too many things. Here is a list of jobs/careers that I have had from 14 years old till current, and some concurrently with each other:

horse trainer / equestrienne

carl’s jr manager

pizza parlor manager

journeyman grocery checker

photolab printer

photostore manager

photolab manager

sign maker / neon signs/banners

equestrienne olympic pre-team

college student

special effects artist 

wedding coordinator / planner

real estate loan officer

mortgage loan underwriter


lighting tech/ set designer xxx porn jobs


radio host

screwball. That one’s my favorite.

xoxo HH




MidnightBlueRadio CLICK TO GO THERE

Yours truly is now hosting this show along with my gorgeous friend Mrs Kelly Pierce. The show is adult industry – with both interviews and casual conversation.

Show is Mondays, 6pm pacific time.

Guests will be everyone from pornstars to industry execs to camgirls. We welcome fans to call in and the number is (347) 838-9797

Follow us on twitter for updates, info, and numbers @heyheidihanson @mrskellypierce @midnightmikee.

Hope to see you there. You can find the show at

Listening to the show can be done several ways.

Call the number *347-838-9797 and choose the “listen now” option; listen live on ; and also you can download it later, or listen to it recorded on Itunes ;o)



High on your own Supply? Give 420 a short break y’all!

SOOOO what the holy hell and tarnation is with flakey lazy 420 people? I think to be honest, it’s the whole weed world. Yep. I said it. 

Now comes the backlash of all the weeders gonna blast me about how great it is and all that jazz. I agree, it’s useful as medicine, when used properly. However, that is the key word; properly. So far I have only met a few of those users. Everyone else thinks it keeps the oxygen flowing in their lungs. Hehehe.

I have seen an upsurge in smokers and a downsurge in overall positive personality traits: follow through, ambition, reliability, and most other qualities that make a great workforce, and reliable person.

It’s getting rediculous.  Saturated in it: teenagers, adults who should be kickin ass, elderly, whatever… Mostly teenagers and young adults though. For some reason, they think it’s cool to be stewed, whenever possible, and as heavily as possible… It’s.. not. Just try to get something done with that demographic. Might as well call it off before it even begins. Personal experiences speaking here (toooo feckin many imho.)

It seems to me whenever something like this happens (the legalization of a substance) everyone goes off the deep end with it until they figure out they need to moderate. Oh well. Until then, we are apt to see this kind of thing for a few years. Could be worse.. remember the cocaine years? LOL



So it’s been a while. Ya. I know. Between trying to make money, and trying to keep the ways to make money, life, home, and other people’s overall neediness, I have little time to do much than veg out when I have a chance.

I dunno why but this year has been a weird one. On one hand, new and exciting things made it cool, but the ever present Murphy’s Law kinda takes the cool down to average a lot of the time. Oh well. I am not really looking forward to the holidays, that much I can tell you!

It’s not a bah humbug, it’s just anti-climactic. I almost wish I could claim some sort of religious reason to avoid it LOL. Seems a lot of hullabaloo for not a lot of wow factor, ya know?

Anyway I am tirelessly working on trying to see who invented the wheel. I get frustrated a lot, because I just can’t get anywhere on some of the stuff I am working on. It’s not in my nature to give up, but my whole existence wishes I would sometimes. Life goes on, bills won’t go away, and oh, when your stomach growls you gotta feed it. TAHITI!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!

I dream of Tahiti, but really don’t wanna go there. Dumb, ya I know. Its like certain sexual fantasies..some are best left fantasies. I think it would be boring once you were there for a day.. Swim, eat, dodge sharks, then what? So the dream remains. It keeps me sane (or whatever it is that makes me not go postal haha).

Oh my gosh, you know what? Me either. Hahahah ….HAHAH!

xo HH

ps..the dumbest quote ever “Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.SHOLEM ASCH”

No shit.


…sitting here chasing tech ghosts… trying to figure out the unfathomable.. I have to pee but am too busy to get up.. someone said I should fart on national tv.. it would be fun.. you never know.. might gain some fans… or need a fan…either way…. so what now…. waiting…waiting..did this work? .. not sure…wait some more… its kinda cold out….glad fall is coming….football…cold nights….puffy white clouds….mmmm Halloween….sad now.. thinking of my brother who passed away… omg my birthday is coming up and I so want to avoid it… so many people doing nice things for me.. but yet the overshadowing of timing with bad things is in the forefront….gonna just let it go.. won’t remind anyone what day..,that might work…..thinking about the tomatoes and squash in the garden I gotta go pick.. need dill..and milk….still have to pee….is this fecking thing done yet?????…..ugh….finally!!! ok.. that sucked…what to radio show about.. hmmm…anyway shower time.. best thoughts are there.. be back later. .. xoxoxo HH

Syphillus in porn, outbreak info as I understand it: FOR PORN PEEPS

Ok, so why the hell are the APHSS and FSC so into running things, but yet I see tons of tweets every day about the confusion and what to do about the outbreak of syphillus in porn the last week.

So initially there was one guy, then 4 then now there is 9. My guess is at the end of testing there will probably be about 25. Anyway, its not a huge deal as it’s easily curable, but the confusion is what to do about it.

The powers that be can test for it. TTS and CET can do a test, but as the CDC says, the test will only confirm that a person has it or HAS had it. It cannot differentiate between a live or past infection. Therefore, the only method to assure performers not spreading it would be to take a shot of antibiotic, wait 10 days for the possible infection to clear, then be able to shoot with people.

So many of you are confused by this. The problem with the syphillus testing is that a person may be positive BUT as in HIV infections, the infection may NOT SHOW UP FOR up to 90 days. So, you have a choice. Either test, wait 90 days without shooting/re-exposing yourself, and retest after that time period. If you are neg on both, great. You shouldn’t need a shot.

However, most of you can’t wait 90 days. So the only way to assure safety is to prophyllactically give antibiotics to make sure it’s not spreading. The fact if you are negative, showing negative, positive, or showing negative, doesn’t matter. End of story.

However, the only question I have on that, is what makes the testing sure that they actually cure it? I am guessing there might be higher quality or different testing available but not being implemented.

The gonnohrea/chlamydia argument does not apply. If you have either, you will test positive. After antibiotics, you test negative. Syphillus, once you have it, will always test positive. If you didn’t wait long enough to have it show up, you will test negative.

Anyway, the risk in porn is just that. A calculated risk. If you are uncomfortable with taking the shot, maybe you think of the superbugs and all that stuff is affecting you (how many shots have you had this year? geesh).. then don’t. Either wait it out, or just stop shooting. That’s the option.

Honestly porn is risk .. it’s less than the general population actually, statistically, but it does happen. The time HIV was spread was similar to this one, a guy faked his test and kept shooting. So, if you want to negate your risk of unscrupulous/evil people maybe ruining your life forever, shoot solo. :o)

This outbreak has furthered my reasoning for just that, why I am shooting solo again and only b/g or g/g with my own personal talent pool I can trust. Otherwise, these things will always weigh on the back of my mind. This time everyone was lucky it was “only” syphillus, and not HIV again.  It was less about the risk of the actual disease spreading than the person who caused it. Two times in five years, someone decided they wanted to fake their test. So,  there you go. Take it or leave it, you can’t trust anyone to be honest, no matter who they are.

Knowing that, makes no difference in porn or in mainstream/ general population. I can assure you at least half of the people with HIV in the world slept with someone who knew they had it, and wanted to share. #justsayin.

Ok so .. get a shot or don’t work for 90 days. That’s it.

xoxo HH

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